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How to Hire Under The Canopy


Bring Under the Canopy to Your School or Organization


You have checked out all the programming at Under the Canopy and now you want us to come bring our nature magic to you! Under The Canopy is available to train and consult your staff or teachers on ways to connect  your organization with enriching, outdoor, nature based learning programs. To see our packages and learn more email:  info@underthecanopy.org


Under the Canopy Nature Classes & Workshops


Under the Canopy teaches workshops and classes for Children of all ages. These can occur once or as a seasonal series. Learn how to open your senses, identify wild and native plants and track wildlife while examining the changing of the seasons up close. Our seasonal workshops highlight the many things to look for and do outside all year long. Connect with your community through foraging, nature awareness and unraveling the ever changing puzzle of the natural world. Please email us to connect about your interest at: info@underthecanopy.org


Adult Workshops

 Adult Nature Workshops


Nature Connection is not just for children! Under the Canopy also teaches nature awareness workshops for adults! Under the Canopy staff will lead participants in a series of exercises to awaken all your senses then use these new skills to quietly examine more closely what is happening just outside your doorway.

Participants will discover the many ways to have a personal connection with the nature that surrounds us daily.  Workshops include nature journaling, edible, medicinal and wild plant I.D. Bird language and more!  Please email us with your interest. info@underthecanopy.org


Tel: 918-508-3817

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