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Outdoors After School at Mayo

The best place to be after school is outside! At Mayo we have three unique gardens. Outdoors After School will be a chance for your children to create a beautiful environment for their community by tending to our gardens. We will construct raised beds for planting as well as learn how to watch birds, play games, stay safe and build a community of nature lovers!

Experiences of Outdoors After School At Mayo

The Courtyard Garden Patch: In the heart of our school is the Courtyard Garden patch. The children will construct raised beds using a unique permaculture method and do spring plantings.

The Mayo Food Forest: In the front of the Wilson building is The Mayo Food Forest. This will be our gathering spot for the length of the program. Children will tend to the three fruit trees growing in the forest and the plantings around them. They will learn how to create new habitat for growing food and supporting the wildlife already present.

Playing Outside: We play outside for the whole program no matter what the weather unless it is dangerous. Our shelter will be the gazebo in The Mayo Food Forest.

Outdoors After School Goal: To instill individual confidence as well as empathy for the earth and each other by creating an oasis in an urban jungle.


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