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We Are Starting A School!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

In our latest innovation, Under The Canopy is in the process of applying to become a Pre-K-5th Charter School! Here is a little info about our plan.

Under the Canopy is an Eco-Education School that empowers students on their educational journey through social emotional and project based learning. Our philosophy is that all students learn better when they are connected to nature and each other, therefore our school will not only teach traditional subjects but will incorporate an outdoor focus into their day. They will also experience learning family style in multi-age classrooms with an emphasis on community building. This will create a culture of globally conscience and environmentally focused children that will be ready to take on the world’s many challenges.

As the building of community is a core tenant of our school philosophy, we seek to understand what the community is needing. We would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and answers to the following questions in our community survey. Please follow the link to this google form to fill out the survey.

Thank you for helping us. We can’t wait to see how this project unfolds with your ideas considered!

Charter School Facts:

  • Charter schools are public schools, free and open to anyone that wants to attend the school. like other public schools, Charter schools cannot discriminate by race, gender, religion or disability.

  • Charter schools are meant to have open admission policies; any eligible public school student can attend a charter school. In this way, charter schools are not like private schools, which can accept or reject students based on their test scores, student and family interviews, religious affiliation, ability to pay tuition or general fit with the school’s mission. In practice, many charter schools have a lottery system for admission.

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