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Here are some common questions asked and answered about Under The Canopy. These are meant to set your mind at ease. Please contact me with any and all of your questions! I love answering questions!

Q: How many children are in a class?

A: Between 7-15 children dependent on the class.

Q: What if my child or I don't like the outdoors?

A: I meet people where they are at. Some people are very comfortable outside, others are afraid of everything related to being outside. Most of us fall in-between these extremes. If you or your child seems to dislike being outside this might be their chance to feel a little grossed out/uncomfortable/scared and move past it. I do not push people beyond their comfort zone but I do test the comfort zone and encourage people to try going just beyond their limits. We call this teaching to your Edge. For some their edge is a strong fear of spiders. In this case I would make sure I cleared the path of spiders before that person spends time in that space.  My goal is to get people outside and loving it. I push in a gentle way to get people curious about the outdoors in whatever way makes sense for them. 


Q: What if my child or I get hurt?

A: I am CPR and first Aid certified. I have a medical kit with all the bandages one might need in the event of scraping or cuts. I will make note of the injury and check in with the parent upon pickup.  If the injury is more severe parents will be notified right away and we will head to the nearest hospital or Urgent Care.


Q: What about bugs?

A: Bugs are a big part of the natural world. For some, including myself, bugs see you as a host food! With parents permission I will apply natural/earth friendly insect repellent to the children being bit by bugs. I will also use wind from a fan and smoke if need be in a chiminea to keep the mosquito count down. The classes taught in urban areas we do not seem to have an extreme bug problem thankfully. For classes in the woods please plan to have insect repellent already applied before coming to class. It is always a good idea to check your self and your child at the end of the day for ticks and remove them as quick as possible. Bugs give us a great learning opportunity; they are very accessible wild life and lead to great conversations about the food chain, bats and the importance of bugs in an eco-system.

Q: What if the weather is bad?

 A: In the case of most “bad” weather we will still meet outdoors. Part of what I teach is how to be comfortable outside no matter what the weather. If it is pouring down rain we will hang out under a tarp in-between playing water/puddle mud games. If it is super windy, we will use the wind as a teaching tool and explore what extreme wind can do and feels like. If it is snowy we will wear layers of warm clothes and take advantage of a few hours in beautiful snow. The only time we will go in is in the case of weather extremes like a tornado watch or lightening/thunder close by. In this case we will seek indoor shelter for a tornado watch and use the enclosed sun porch as our temporary classroom during lightening. Safety is my top priority while still having a good time in “bad” weather.

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