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What To Bring


Navigating Registration:

Q: Sign me up! But how do I do that?

A: Under the classes tab select the class you want to sign up for. Fill in your info and click next, review your info and click "book it." A window then pops up and asks if you want to pay via paypal or in person. select your option then click next. This will register you for the class! If you want to sign up for multiple programs just repeat the process.

Q: All signed up! Now what?

A: After you sign up you should get an email confirming your registration. See the list below for what to bring based on the class you signed up for. Please also print and sign the forms to the left and bring them with your check, if you did not pay online, on the first day of class.


What to Bring:

For All Outdoor Youth Classes

-Bring a change of neutral/woodsy colored clothes that can get very messy. I recommend a pair of pants and a tshirt, comfortable shoes or rubber boots and socks. This will be the outfit the children will wear each week. As the weather gets colder I will send out a notice to bring light layers and potentially winter jackets/hats/gloves to stay warm and happy even in cold weather.  I will have extra layers to borrow as well.

-A water bottle with your child’s name on it and a healthy snack.

-Come with sunscreen, in the hot months, and bug spray already applied.

For Adult Nature Workshops

-Wear clothes that can get very messy. I recommend a hat with a brim, a pair of pants and a long sleeved tshirt, comfortable shoes or rubber boots and socks.  -Come with insect repellent and sunblock already applied. Please remember to check yourself for ticks when you get home.

-A water bottle and a notebook or sketchbook with pencil.


Q: What if a class is canceled or I need to cancel?

A: If an entire class session is cancelled you will be notified a week before the start date and fully refunded. If you need to cancel your booking please notfiy me via an email or phone message within 15 days of class starting. This makes it possible for other families that are on a wait list to reserve the space. You will be fully refunded.   

Q: How do I get my child to Under The Canopy?

A: Under The Canopy is a parent pick up and drop off afterschool program. Carpools can be arranged based on the families that sign up. Under The Canopy will only release children to adults that have been checked ahead of time as people that can pick up that child. In the future there might be pick up service as the business grows.

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