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Tap The Root Adult Nature Workshop

Tap the Root at Under The Canopy

Nature Awareness, the art of being present in nature and getting to know the wild world around you, is not just for children. As adults we have become trapped in cycles of technology and being unaware of what happens in the leafy fringes of our neighborhoods. We have become so goal driven towards work we rarely have time to step back and stare at a full moon, get to know a bird that perches in our front yard, or go for a walk in the woods. Tap the Root workshop is a chance to unlearn these bad habits and tell your story of nature connection and get more curious and present when you are outside. Through awareness games you will become more grounded and strengthen your senses as well as learn about the plants of this eco-system. You will leave this class, relaxed, inspired, energized and ready to explore life in a more meaningful way.

Sunday February 26th 2016 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. $50

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