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Board Vote Now Scheduled for Monday Feb 5th

Calling all families, educators and community members! Come show your support! Save the date for the TPS Board Vote for Under the Canopy School! Things are looking positive as we move forward with a board vote, the final stage of approval for the Under the Canopy School. A nature based public Waldorf school for the children of Tulsa. The vote will be held on Monday Feb 5th at 6:30 pm in the Cheryl Selman Room, ground floor at the Charles Mason Education Service Center, 3027 S. New Haven Ave. Tulsa. We will provide Tshirts and buttons for all participants. If you want to speak at the meeting contact

One of the many wonderful aspects of Waldorf education is its ability to connect diverse learners and highlight heritage. In this video below the Lakota Waldorf School leaders share their vision for a school that honors their Lakota community and is infused with Waldorf practices. Enjoy!

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