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Community Partners

At Under the Canopy School, community partnerships reflect our school's holistic educational approach, which emphasizes collaboration, creativity, and connection to the local community. Here are a few ways UTCS will approach community partnerships.

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Our Partners

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Types of Community Partners

Local Artisans & Craftsmen

Waldorf education places a strong emphasis on hands-on learning and craftsmanship. Community partnerships with local artisans and craftsmen allow students to learn traditional skills such as woodworking, pottery, weaving, and metalwork. These artisans may visit the school to lead workshops or provide mentorship to students.

Farms & Gardens

Many Waldorf schools have their own gardens or partner with local farms to provide students with hands-on experiences in agriculture and nature. Community partnerships with farms allow students to participate in gardening, farming, and environmental education activities. Students may also visit local farms for field trips or collaborate on farm-to-table projects.

Performing Arts Organizations

Waldorf education places a strong emphasis on the arts, including music, drama, and dance. Community partnerships with local performing arts organizations provide opportunities for students to participate in music lessons, theater productions, dance classes, and other performing arts activities. These partnerships may involve collaborations on school performances or joint events with local arts groups.

Environmental Organizations

Waldorf education emphasizes environmental stewardship and sustainability. Community partnerships with environmental organizations allow students to participate in conservation projects, nature hikes, and environmental education programs. These partnerships may involve joint initiatives to promote environmental awareness and conservation efforts in the local community.

Local Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Waldorf schools often seek partnerships with local businesses and entrepreneurs to support experiential learning opportunities for students. Community partnerships with businesses may involve internships, apprenticeships, or mentorship programs that provide students with real-world skills and experiences. Businesses may also sponsor school events, fundraisers, or educational initiatives.

Overall, community partnerships at Under the Canopy School are characterized by a deep commitment to collaboration, creativity, and experiential learning. These partnerships enrich the educational experience for students, foster connections within the local community, and support the holistic development of each child.

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