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Staff & Faculty

Head of School
Margaritte Arthrell-Knezek

As an Executive Director of Under the Canopy School, Margaritte Arthrell-Knezek brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role. With a background as a teacher, Margaritte Arthrell-Knezek possesses a deep understanding of holistic education principles and a commitment to fostering a connection between children and the natural world. Her leadership is marked by a collaborative approach, leveraging her expertise in Waldorf pedagogy to develop innovative programs that engage and inspire both students and educators alike. With a keen focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship, Margaritte Arthrell-Knezek is dedicated to empowering future generations to become thoughtful stewards of the planet. Margaritte Arthrell-Knezek is an Evergreen State College Graduate with a BA in Sustainability Studies and Multi-media art. She is a fellowship graduate from the Oklahoma Public School Resource Center where she received her training in public school administration and is currently receiving her Waldorf Leadership training at Antioch College, Center for Anthroposophy.

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