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Family Council

The purpose of the Family Council is to develop community and facilitate parental involvement in the school life and culture. The Family Council consists of the parent coordinator for each class and other members who wish to participate. This organization includes and is available to all parents and other family members of students attending Under the Canopy School. Monthly meetings provide a means for families to be informed of, and involved in, festivals, fundraisers, staff appreciation, new family support, and other activities as needed.

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Abstract Background


Parent support is essential to the success of Under The Canopy School and your participation is expected and embraced. Our community thrives on family involvement. Through our Family Council (FC), parents, caregivers and even grandparents are offered many opportunities to share their skills, talents for the community. This all-volunteer, parent-run organization’s mission is to foster the well-being of the school community by facilitating communications among the bodies of the school, inspiring parent participation in school life, and organizing our efforts.

Role within the School

Family Council is a way for parents to actively participate in, serve, and contribute to the functioning and organization of the school. The Family Council is the third organizational body of the school (the other two being the Pedagogical Council (Teachers) and the Governing Board (Board of Trustees). The Family Council’s main sphere of influence is in the social realm, while the school’s main sphere is the pedagogical realm and the Board is mainly responsible for financial and legal matters.


The Family Council has regular meetings once a month while school is in session and occasional, additional meetings. Monthly meetings are open to all parents of children enrolled in the school. The Family Council schedule is coming soon! All parents and guardians are welcome to attend. Small children are welcome to come and sit on laps or play quietly.


All parents and guardians of children currently enrolled at Under the Canopy School are automatically considered members of the Family Council. Each member is welcomed as a valuable contributor to the mission and goals of the council. The success of the Family Council rests on the commitment and contributions of our family body.



Family Council Structure consists of a Chair (or two co-chairs), one Secretary, and four Vice Chairs of Parent Coordinators. The Family Council also consists of sub-commitees and each subcommittee has a Chair. Officers are selected by application and approved by a vote of the membership.


The Chair leads and directs the meetings of the Family Council, sets the agenda, serves as a member of the Joint Committee and serves between 1-3 years with a minimum one year commitment.


The Vice-Chairs support and collaborate with the chair and secretary, take the lead on coordinating efforts with the Parent Coordinators, may lead meetings in the Chair’s absence, may be elected as the succeeding Chair, and will subsume the role of Chair should the Chair be unable to fulfill the responsibilities.


The Secretary takes and distributes minutes of the meetings, distributes agendas and notifications of meetings, and provides other support for the Family Council.


Family Council Officers are required to participate in training and sign and adhere to agreements for conduct appropriate to their positions.


Parent Coordinators work directly with the teacher in their child’s class to provide support, logistical assistance, communication, and other activities. Parent coordinators serve for one school year and are expected to belong to, participate in, and attend meetings of the Family Council.

Each Class is expected to have a Parent Coordinator (or a team of Parent Coordinators that share responsibilities) selected by the Family Council Chair / class teacher.

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