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Interest to Enroll

UTCS Interest to enroll

Why Enroll at UTCS?


Under the Canopy School (UTCS) Offers Families:

1. A free, public PreK-3rd (to start) education that is nature based, Waldorf inspired and centered in human development. 

2. A proven scholastic model that is infused with academics, nature and art. 

3. A small, safe school that teaches the whole child and affirms each student's unique identity. 

4. A community of teachers, administrators and families that share a well spring of talent and creativity. 

5. A commitment to teaching to the head, hands and heart.    

Fill out this form with your interest to enroll at Under the Canopy School in the 2025-2026 school year.


note: by signing this petition you are not guaranteed enrollment and will be invited to apply when the school is open for enrollment.

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