Through after school, homeschool, adult programs and summer camp, children and adults get connected to the natural world that surrounds them daily.Whether you love nature, fear nature or have mixed feelings, this program is for you!
Meet Margaritte


I am passionate about connecting people with nature. I am a mother, community organizer, sustainability practitioner, teaching artist and gardener. Under the Canopy is my program to get kids outside and loving the nature that surrounds them daily. It's also a chance for adults to re-connect to the fun of being outdoors. I love playing outside and I want you to join me!

"Under The Canopy is my daughter’s favorite after school activity. She gets the chance to interact with the natural environment in a way that is missing from most kids’ lives these days. She climbs trees, builds fairy houses out of natural found objects, learns about planting, herbal medicines, native trees and species...the list goes on. I highly recommend this program!"

Amber, mom to 6 year old

Under The Canopy sun sparkle
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