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Under The Canopy after school is a place-based eco-education program that connects people of all ages to each other through active engagement with their natural environment. With an integrated anti-bias curriculum, our program immerses students in their own nature-connection journey. We facilitate cultural mentoring to awaken individual’s unique gifts and empower them to enrich the health of their communities, transforming the lives of all people.

What is Under The Canopy After School Program?

Meet Margaritte Founder and Executive Director

I am passionate about connecting people with nature. I am a mother, community organizer, sustainability practitioner, teacher, writer and gardener. Under the Canopy is my program to get kids outside and loving the nature that surrounds them daily. It's also a chance for adults to re-connect to the fun of being outdoors. I love playing outside and I want you to join us!

Under The Canopy School is approved!!! 

On February 5th 2024 Tulsa Public Schools authorized UTCS, a nature based public Waldorf School. We can't wait to open our doors to elementary students in the fall of 2025. Stay tuned for a new website and community engagement events starting this spring!

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  Nature Program Scholarship

UTC is dedicated to making our program accessible.

All of our programs include a full or partial scholarship for those that need it.


To apply for a scholarship, follow the button below.

 Classes & Camps:
Outdoors After School @ Council Oak (PreK-3rd Grade)
Outdoors After School @ Zarrow (K-3rd Grade)
Outdoors After School @ Emerson (K-3rd Grade)
Outdoors After School @ Mayo (PreK-3rd Grade)

Under The Canopy office is located  at 110 S. Yale Ave. Most classes and workshops take place on school campuses. 


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How do I learn more?


 Subscribe to our email list to be the first to know about the latest happenings at UTC. Check out the  nature blog for inspiring posts on how to connect with the natural world that surrounds us daily!


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